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Lot 1253, Jalan Seelong,
Mukim Kulai Senai,
81400 Kulai,
Johor, Malaysia.

Scope of Business

1)    Nature of Business
    ZYE¡¯s core business is in recycling used and scrap materials, and so converts those useless waste into valuable raw materials or reusable products.

Primary reprocessed products fall into 4 key categories:-
Metal-based products;
  ie. Drink cans, wires, racks, sawing/machining discards or chips etc.
Plastic components/casings;

  ie. Computer/TV casings, molding scraps, purging, roll & reels, tubes etc.

Paper-based scraps;
 ie. Newspaper, corrugated cartons, outdated literature etc.

Wooden pallets;
  ie. Used pallets, compressed chipboard, layers etc.

2)    Business Objective & Strategy
    i)    Our objective is to make profits from waste. Simultaneously to protect our precious environment by implementing the said business activities.

    ii)    The key strategy is to apply 4Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle and recreate) for industrial waste and so lessen the cost of a single product and value-add to the waste.

    iii)    Win-win situation.
        To all parties who are involving in this product consumption cycle, including     manufacturer, recycling processor, supplier, product user as well as the environment.

Business under DOE Licenses
    Zheng Yee Chemicals & Enterprise S/B (a subsidiary of ZYE) is registered and appointed by DOE (Dept. of Environment) as a recycler of scheduled acid waste. Currently it is collecting the liquid waste from those PCB manufacturers.

    Actually, this company¡¯s key purpose is assisting ZYE to diversify business into a higher sector of business; for instance, turning industrial waste into a useful and environment-friendly product. Successfully, we have developed an effective water treatment chemical named Polyaluminum Chloride, which is partially extracted and refined from the mentioned liquid waste.