Scope of Business

Our Advantages

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Lot 1253, Jalan Seelong,
Mukim Kulai Senai,
81400 Kulai,
Johor, Malaysia.

Our Advantages

Advantages of Choosing ZYE as a Contractor

Why must choose ZYE:-

 1. Gained precious working experience in recycling business.
 2. Knowing well with the official procedure, rules and regulations of the Kastam Johor.
 3. Complete licensing documents for general waste, especially for the rubbish disposal, carton, plastic, metal, as well as some schedule waste and etc.
 4. One stop services provided.
 5. Helping reducing cost for customers and theirs¡¯ suppliers.
 6. Always returning lost and misplaced items or materials voluntarily.
 7. Prompt payment: within 30 days.
 8. Guarantee payback for your ¡°useful and recyclable¡± rubbish instead of charging you for services.
No legislation case against our company.
 10. Will handle all of the waste professionally and effectively.
 11. DOE appointed scheduled waste collector and re-treatment plant (acid waste).